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Things You Always Wanted to Know About Richlee Elevator Shoes For Men But Didn’t Want to Ask

There are a lot of men who have always wanted to know more about elevator shoes. They know that it will give them the added height that they have always wanted. Yet, they do not want to end up looking weird. Some men think that wearing elevator shoes can give them the advantage they need in the dating scene.

Why Men Are Wary to Wear Elevator Shoes

Men who are a bit self−conscious of their height may think that elevator shoes can solve their problem. They can look for Richlee elevator shoes for men, and that would give them the extra height. Some men can become a bit wary because of the following reasons:

  • They have heard other people say that elevator shoes look “obvious.”
  • Some may say that men should start to become more confident instead of relying on elevator shoes.
  • People may sometimes become overconfident, so they feel that wearing elevator shoes can solve all of their life issues.

You have to remember that while elevator shoes can change a few things in your life, it will not change everything. There are a lot more things that you have to know.

Elevator Shoes Will Not Make You Look Ridiculous

Some people feel that elevator shoes are going to look bad. The truth is that some brands do not have great−looking elevator shoes. You may assume that people are going to look at your shoes and start snickering and laughing. If you have the right elevator shoes, people will not even notice. Some people will only know about it when you tell them.

You have to remember one tip: Do not worry about purchasing elevator shoes that are about 2 to 3 inches because they will look similar to regular shoes. Some people can even give compliments when they see your elevator shoes. You do not have to know.

What if You Want to Purchase More Than 2 to 3 Inches?

It would be best to remember that purchasing more than 2 to 3 inches will be a bit trickier to use. Some elevator shoes will have about 4 to 5 inches. These are some of the things that you may notice first off:

  • High-heeled shoes are bulky.
  • More high-heeled shoes will look a bit boxier as compared to others.
  • They are a bit heavy.

Still, it does not mean that you will not find the right elevator shoes that are more than 3 inches because of these reasons. Two factors will help you pull them off. The first factor is you need to think about the quality of the shoe design. The second factor you have to remember is that you have to think about what you will wear shoes with.

If you plan to get shoes that are more than 4 to 5 inches, you need to consider the overall weight of the shoes plus the support they can give. Properly made high-heeled shoes are going to be made with lightweight material. The design should be one of the things that should be remembered in the whole process.

Looking for a Dress Boot

If you are searching for shoes that you need to wear, you have to make sure that you will choose shoes with a wide surface. This will ensure that there will not be too much weight placed on your ankles. When your wearing shoes are too heavy, you will have a higher chance of getting injured. Another thing that you have to think about is how natural you would be able to walk with elevator shoes.

Women may sometimes have a hard time walking in heels. Heels are trickier because they are usually slimmer. Uneven surfaces can be very problematic. The best thing about elevator shoes is that they are steadier as compared to heels. Yet, walking in 5−inch elevator shoes can still be challenging.

Your Sense of Style Will Matter

One of the problems that people may encounter when looking for the right elevator shoes is that they may choose designs that are not based on what they want. Decide on elevator shoes that you like design−wise.

For example, if you are always well−groomed, you need to look for very classic dress shoes. The colors have to be very traditional too. It would be best to look for styles that will fit well with the rest of your clothes. Just imagine if you would purchase shoes that will not look too good? They will stand out in the wrong way. Your main goal when wearing elevator shoes is to make them look like regular shoes. Poorly designed shoes will not give you that option.

Your Choice of Pants Will Matter

The main thing that you have to hide when you have elevator shoes is the back portion. It might be a bit curved. Some may look a bit bulky. These are things that you can remember when finding the right pants to wear:

  • Do not choose pants that will fold around the shoes that you get.
  • You can walk in front of a full−length mirror to see how the shoes look with your pants.
  • The cut of the pants will matter a lot.

Some men would choose boot cut pants because they can hide the shoes a lot. Just imagine if you are going to be in a club. Since many people would be standing, sitting down, or dancing, most people will not even look at your shoes. Plus, the right pants will make your shoes 99% invisible to a lot of people.


Finding the right elevator shoes can be a bit tricky. Choose Richlee elevator shoes for men because the shoes that they sell are nicely designed. They use high−quality materials that will ensure that you will be able to use the pairs you will get from them for a long time.

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